Grade 6

Portugal Cove-St. Philip's
Newfoundland and Labrador


Home is a place where you can laugh, cry and have family to comfort you. A home is a place that you feel love in and a place where you feel safe. A building is a building but a home is love, comfort, and safety. So appreciate the home you have because not everyone is as lucky as you. I will be writing about comfort, safety, and being yourself.

Comfort is a feeling people get when they are in a place that they feel happiness in. Comfort is also when you do something you like and that would make you feel comfortable. Like if I listen to music it keeps me focused and happy, so therefore I feel comfortable. Hugging people, in my opinion, makes me feel very uncomfortable. If I was in a building, which wasn’t my home then I wouldn’t feel the same as if I was in my own home.

When people say your safe, what does that really mean in a home? Well it means you can sit down and say “ I’m so lucky that I’m in a home where I don’t have to worry about anybody coming in and hurting me and my family, I’m so lucky that we aren’t at war.” We all take what we have for granted and if we do that we don’t appreciate our lives as much as we should. Some people are living a nightmare that they can wake up from because of the lives they were given. Some people are being killed and robbed all over the country and all we do is complain about the stuff we don’t have, when these people don’t have anything.

Being yourself is one of prime examples of self love and care, when you are at home you can do pretty much whatever you want. Like going around in your pjs the whole day! Or eating a lot where nobody is there to judge you. But when you are somewhere other than where you feel comfortable, you worry someone will judge or criticize you. So when you are at home feel free to eat as much as you want or sleep as much as your heart desires, and yes wear your pjs no matter the time of day!

When I say home is a place where you can be yourself, feel safe and have comfort it’s because that’s what I find in a home. At home I feel happy to be with my family and to have all that I love and desire. I’m so lucky to have a home. I appreciate how I have the privilege to live in a country that’s safe and that I have a home to live in. In conclusion I believe I’m very lucky to have a home.