Grade 5



A home dosn’t have to be a building. A home can be anything. A home is where you feel most comfortable. A home should make you feel protected, loved, and you should have responsibility.

Your home should make you feel safe and offer protection against the weather (rain, lightning storms, hail, snow, ice etc.) It should be a calm and peaceful place if you want to be alone and have time away from other people. You should feel safe and not have to worry about anything happening in your life.

You should feel loved and happy in your home. You should feel loved by your family members and you should also feel loved by your friends. You should do stuff that makes you feel happy like going to school and hanging out with friends. Most importantly, you should love yourself and you should feel proud of should also feel proud and happy with the work you do.

In your home you should do whatever makes you happy. But you should also have responsibilities, work, chores, and other things. When you help others, even though their is no physical reward, it makes you fell happy and loved.

In conclusion a home is a place you feel comfortable, loved, happy, safe, protected, and feel happy when you help others. That is what home means to me.