Grade 6



My home is a special place where I have shared lots of amazing memories with my family and I am proud to call it home. It is where I feel safe, welcomed and loved.

I have my family by my side who protects me from anyone that might try to harm me. I live in a safe and beautiful neighborhood filled with nice and friendly people. I have a roof over my head and most importantly, I have a stable house that won’t fall apart by the big bad wolf’s blow, like the three little pigs’ houses did.

Whenever I come home, I feel welcomed by my family. They greet me with loving and heartwarming smiles. I feel peaceful when I enter my cozy home filled with warmth. It’s my place to go when I am filled with many different emotions. I can always go there no matter what I have done, or who I have upset, because there is nothing to be afraid of in my home.

The thing that makes my home so amazing, is my loving and caring family. We spend lots of quality time together. We go on many different vacations and no matter what I do or say, they will always love and forgive me. My family cares very much about me, they respect my feelings and they are always by my side whenever I need them the most. We share heartening memories, funny jokes and laughter with one another, and that’s what makes our time so precious and fun. We are a family, and together we help one another and keep each other safe.

My home is where I belong, where I feel protected, loved deeply and always welcomed. I love my home so much, and nothing could ever make me feel otherwise.