Grade 6



Let me just start with home is a great place to be in when you want to feel comfortable and loved. You feel safe, free and happy. At home you always feel welcome. Home is where I feel comfortable, happy, and where I belong.
Home is comfortable. After you’ve lived in your home for a while, you feel attached to it, and everything in it. At home, of course you live with some family. That’s one of the best parts in the home, spending time with your loved ones. What my family and I do sometimes are movie nights, we watch movies, comedies most of the time and we have a great time together. I have to say, although I said all this, I still agree that the beds, couches and chairs are some of the best things in the house.
My home is happy. On a tough day, Just thinking about laying down in my bed and relaxing, letting it all out just makes me feel better already. Also, I like that after school, when I walk home, one of my parents are there to greet me. It makes me happy to know that I can talk to them about everything. As soon as I walk into my home I’ve left my tough day behind.
My home makes me feel like I belong.I love having my family, and I love having my friends around, it makes me feel good. I love having fun conversations with my family and friends. We have a lot of memories at home.
In conclusion, I feel comfortable, happy, and that I belong in my home.