Grade 5

New Brunswick


Hi, I want to tell you about my home. My home is home because there is a lot of love, kindness, and a lot of laughter. Home is anywhere when you feel comfortable. In my home, we are all Christians. We love God.
Family members are a big part of the family to me. My cousins moved to England at the end of the summer. Even though I miss them it drew me closer to God because I pray for them. My nana and papa live across the road from me and my family. My other cousins are funny
and their just four and two and a half years old.
My home is special because I and my sisters and my mom love to decorate. We also love to spend time together. Like when we watch family movies. We also love to go up to our camp in the winter and summer. All summer we spend time together at camp. That is why I love my family and my home. Home is where my family gathers.