Grade 5



A home isn’t just a house in the neighborhood, it isn’t just a pile of bricks. My home is special, it’s a place where bruises are healed, where tears are wiped, where memories are made. But let’s define “Special”. Special could mean many things: good, nice, even bad! To me, it means peace and comfort.

Peace depends on three things, family, community, but mostly, myself! There’s a saying “Treat people the way you want to be treated!” I think that’s completely true. If I start pushing people around, do you think they’ll shake me warmly by the hand each time they see me? I always try to liaise with my family to the maximum to make any situation the the fairest for me and them.

Comfort isn’t just a feature that houses have, for me, it’s necessary. Comfort could be a squishy chair you like, it could be your bed. My biggest comfort zone, the one I love and cherish the most, is my family. Every family has arguments, but I know that no matter what, my family always loves me, so whenever I’m near my family, I’m in my zone of comfort.

There’s one thing I’ve mentioned in each of these topics, family. I owe this essay, my life and my perfect home to my family… My family made me the person I am today. Every second of my life spent at home, every second of laughter, sincerity, joy. Seconds I’ll treasure my whole life. This essay made me realise that I shouldn’t take those seconds for granted. Everyone should be grateful to have a home, I know I am. It’s an opportunity not everybody is given.