Grade 5



A home can be anything. Home can mean many things to different people. To me my home is where I feel safe and happy with my family.

To start with, I like to be safe from the cold winter weather and the rain. I like to be warm when it is cold outside and my home does that. During the hot summers, my house keeps me from getting really hot because of the air conditioning. I also have a pool so that when I am really hot I can go in my pool to cool down. My home also protects me from the winds.

Second, I am happy at home because I have lots of fun when I play board games with my family. I also enjoy playing with my pets. I sometimes play video games with my sister and we laugh a lot because my sister doesn’t know all of the controls on the Nintendo Switch.

Finally, I am always with my family. One of my favourite times of the day is when we eat together. When I eat, I talk a lot so I eat slowly. When that happens my family teases me, but, it is all for fun and we all laugh about it. Sometimes I eat faster than my mom or my sister and that surprises them. I even cook sometimes with my mom or dad and I enjoy it. I really like to make coconut jam because it is challenging and fun to do as a family. I like to be with my family because I love their company. At home, there is always someone with me.

In conclusion, home is the structure that keeps me from the elements and the place that is awesome and where I spend with my family.