Grade 4



Home is love, support and caring. Hoe is quiet, loud, soft and peaceful. Home is family, secure, and comfort. Home is where I read it’s where I play and where I rest. Home is crazy, understanding and useful. Home is funny exciting and charming. Home is games, laughter and vibrant. Home is strong, powerful and everlasting. Home is my favorite place to be. Home is where I stay, its where I belong and where I grow. Home is where I am trusted, where I have parents that are there when I need them.
Home is memories on the day of fun events. Home is where I spend the day in my room on the be calming myself down after a big day. Home is where secrets are kept, language is the same and traditions are full of laughter. Home is where I eat where I am thankful and where I bless the food we are given. Home is where I have fun its where cousins and friends are loved. Home is where my bed is being kept warm, cozy, soft, and comforting.
Home is where my life is being shared around the whole house. Home is where conversations are being held in tiny groups in little corners. Home is where my pets belong, its where some are big or small, tiny or large. Home is where mags us kept then gone and dissolved. Home is where messy and dirty stuff lay. Home is me soft, warm, cozy and happy. Home is where celebrations are made. Home is where my family is reasonable, where they love and take care of me. Home is where everyone belongs in a small or big, large or tiny space. It all matters that were safe, loved and belonged.