Grade 5

Nova Scotia


Some days I think about people that are not truly cared for, that they have a house but they can’t call it a home. A home is where we belong so we can be free to be ourselves. I’m proud to be me no matter my gender, skin color, or even who I love.
A home is where parents can raise their children, where they know they will be safe in their home sweet home. Home is where I can let my feelings go, where imagination runs free, and more memories are made. Some days I feel my parents help me more than anyone else in this world. I feel that way because when I’m in my house I feel safe to let that information out so they can help me.
Everyone needs a place to call home, not a house, a home. A home that is warm, a home that is safe, a home that lets you be you. So let’s gather together and make sure everyone’s dreams come true.