Grade 6



Home is very special to me, just as though it should be. Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall, we’re been there hand and hand through it all. Home is a very special place, where you get a warm embrace. When everyone is having fun, at the beach in the sun. The way we share our favourite ice cream blends with our berry best friends. Habitat for Humanity is all volunteers, as we give our thanks and cheers. The snacks you get fed, the whispers of I love you before bed. We all have a great time, we’re all better than fine!

We should all have a roof over our heads, the cleaning up when your dog sheds. The loud calming noises as you lie down, as the roars of cars from uptown. Think how others feels, with no home at all, while we’re running around playing baseball. Now we should really feel how others feel, not how your mom’s excited when she gets a good deal.

You can help too, just as though others do! Just add a poem or an essay to the website, and they’ll get ten dollars, now all right! It helps a family to get the right house for themselves, that means they can stock their shelves. The way the family has joy on their face, now they can all play and race. Just remember you helped too, the way they can all play a board game like Clue! Home is a place to stay, even a cool place to play!