Grade 6

Portugal cove, St. Philips
Newfoundland and Labrador


Home is where the heart lies,
And it may never rest.
If one does not have a home,
To sleep their beating chest.
Home is not a simple house,
Where one stays a sole night.
Home is where beloved flock,
As moths would to a light.
Home is not the same thing as a cheap motel,
At home you find perfect faith in all there meaning well.
Home is where you never fear of danger in your bed,
At home you don’t have to hide from monsters in your head.
I pray for those that do not know this everlasting bliss,
That someone will help them out of their cold, somber abyss.
To the sad and lonely people who do not have a home,
My wish is that the people reading can help you never be alone.
Every person out there deserves a second chance,
You should help those many people who fell under circumstance.
Help all those people out there who fell short of certain pleasure,
Pick up pen and paper and help them find homely leisure.
To all those out there who think they cannot help,
You can, you can do anything to help them find them self.
Let this be a message to all there in this world,
Help those people, free them from the duty they must serve.