Grade 6



I’ve lived in 7 places and only one was home. The places that I have lived didn’t feel like home. My home makes me feel comfortable, peaceful, and safe.

At home, I have my bed where I relax during the day, and on my bed I feel comfortable. In the living room it’s quiet. No one is yelling or screaming. I could sit and make a 1000 piece puzzle with no distraction. At home I have my family protecting and loving me. These things I didn’t feel when I lived in the other houses, apartments and shelters.

At home I have a room, this is my happy place. I could lay down and relax from the world around me. I feel like I could do anything at home, but not when I lived in shelters. my room never felt like my own. I never slept in it because I didn’t feel comfortable, so I would slip in bed with my mom.

At home it’s peaceful, it feels like I’m on a boat drifting through calm ocean water and the sun over me, but where i used to live it was a thunderstorm. The clouds covered the sun. The waves were sky high crashing down and I was holding on to my boat avoiding drowning.

In my home I feel safe. I have my family always by my side, they are people that I could trust and love. But in the shelters there were alot of bad people, the walls were thin, I could hear my neighbors yelling and screaming. I was scared. So i stayed in my room

In conclusion home is somewhere you feel comfortable, peaceful, and safe. It wouldn’t feel like a home if you didn’t think about these things. Home is where I want to be.