Grade 5



Home where our feet may leave but not our hearts, the chain may lengthen but it never parts. My great grandma wrote that quote on a quilt in 1938. We have moved a lot, but that is there wherever I go. When I am at home, I feel safe, loved and happy.

Safety. My home protects me from the outdoor elements in the world. Rain, darkness and other things. The people in my home protect me too! My parents help me when I feel scared. We go down to the basement and watch t.v. together and I don’t feel scared anymore. One time when I watched a video that was super scary, I wanted my dog to sleep with ME so that I would feel safe.

I feel loved at home. My whole family loves me very much. I love them too. When My parents or I come home, there are always plenty of hugs to go around. My dog also jumps up and wags his tail rapid as a tornado. Something my dad has always told me when I go to bed, is that I am his favourite boy in the world. It’s burned into my brain.

My home usually makes me happy too! My dad is very funny and likes to joke a lot. My family always has fun together. My home also makes me happy, because it makes me feel good and happy that I have a home. When I am sad, my family always tries to cheer me up. My dog comes and comforts me.

We all have to be grateful for what we have. There are 1.6 billion people that don’t have a home. There are people in the world that are less fortunate. Habitat for Humanity wants to help those people.