Grade 6



People think that a home is simply a synonym for a house, but it’s truly the feelings and memories that separates the two. My home is just another house, but filled with love, happiness and heartwarming memories.
I wake up one morning and look out my window as the winter wonderland outside brings back memories. I remember building snowmen with my family, those countless snowdays and moving into this home for my fourth birthday. I walk downstairs as I spot the Christmas and Lunar New Year decorations, which brings back memories of celebrating holidays with my loved ones. Home is where unforgettable memories are made with my beloved family.
The smell of french toast and bacon makes my mouth water! I see my mom, hard at work preparing my favourite breakfast. Next, my little brother hugs me, whispers good morning and my heart melts. My dad tells me a funny joke and declares that we’re going skiing! We all sit together at the table laughing, talking and enjoying our scrumptious breakfast. My home is where my loving family is and they make me feel happy.
I feel so grateful to have a home, but I realize that there are people who are not so fortunate. There are about 35,000 canadiens right now, shivering in the snow, without a place to call home. There are many more who struggle to maintain their homes, choosing between paying rent or food! The housing crisis in Canada is very severe and we should stay aware!
I would like to challenge everyone to do something for humanity. That could be donating, volunteering, or even just supporting Habitat For Humanity. My dream is for everyone to have a home like mine, filled with love, joy and delightful memories.