Grade 6



Home is not a place where you live, home is a place where you can lie down anywhere when you are tired and makes you feel happy when you are sad. My home makes me feel safe,happy and truly loved.

When I’m scared or anxious about something, home always makes me feel safe. Home makes me feel safe because my home always keeps me protected from the weather elements. I have shelter for when it rains and air conditioning for when it is too hot in the summer. Another thing that makes me feel safe is my family. My family always protects me, for example when someone comes near my house my dog starts barking to warn me and my family.

My home also makes me feel happy! If I am sad or mad about something my home and family will always cheer me up. We might play a game or watch a movie together. When I play board games with my siblings I always feel happy and loved. Also I can do things that other people can’t. For example, I can go into my fridge to get water or food whenever I need it, which is something I take for granted because not everybody can do that.

In addition, my home makes me feel loved! I always know that my family loves me and I love them. If i am too scared to do something they will always come with me and make me feel loved. If we are doing something we always do it together so no one feels left out and unloved.

My home means everything to me and I couldn’t imagine not having one. Even though there are some bad and annoying things about it, I know it will always make me feel like me.