Grade 5



Home means shelter from the world. It means that you can truly be yourself and you don’t have to keep feelings inside. In the outside world, you need character, you need to have a good personality that everybody likes. But at home you don’t need that fake personality, you can be you, you don’t need to be calm, collected and keep your feelings inside. It means that you can be the silly, sensitive, or the crazy person you are, and it’s ok to get mad or have some time alone. It means that you can cry, laugh, or just be you. Outside home, you need a personality and you have a reputation that you need to keep, so that means you can’t change that reputation, you’ve worked so hard for. It’s like, you have your own little ecosystem, you need to keep that ecosystem in check or it will die, so your house is like the rain for that ecosystem, it fuels the ecosystem, so without that rain your ecosystem would die/you would go insane from not being able to be yourself. Home means that you can truly be yourself, it takes that fake personality away, and leaves you to be free, it fuels that happiness in life that keeps you going. In conclusion, home is a place that keeps your happiness and it’s your own world, so I suggest you take care of it.