Grade 4



Home is a very important thing. When you are young, you never notice that you miss your home. When I’m at school, I always want to sleep. That’s a sign that I miss my home.
Nigeria has 20,000,000 homeless people. Australia has 116,427, Austria 14,603, Bosnia Herzegoina 7,247, Brazil 101,500, Canada 30,000, Chila 12,255, China 2,579,000, Croatia 3,000, Czech Republic 68,500, Denmark 6,635, Egypt 16,884,280, Estonia 864, France 141,500, Gemany 650,000, Grenada 60,000, Greece 20,000, Guatemala 475,000, Haiti 2,300,000, Honduras 1,000,000, Hong Kong 1,414, Hungary 10,068, India 1,770, Indonesia 3,000,000, Ireland 10,338, Israel 25,000, Italy 48,000 and Japan 4,555 homeless.
If we build more home for people we would have less people on the streets. For example, Jordan has zero homeless people so the more we build the more be become happier.
Home means safety, love, friendship, warmth and families. Homes are important for all!