Grade 6



When people as me what I think the meaning of ‘home’ is, I simply answer, “Home is more than just a house! Home is family where you are loved and cared for!”
I think that home could be a place, a house where your relatives live helping ang taking care of each other. For example, my mom works so that I can have food and clothes. I help with washing the dishes so that she can have more time to rest after work.
Family includes not only people but also pets. I have a male black cat named Nero. My brother has a gray and white female cat named Miskie. When I am sad, they cheer me up. I feed them and give them water. My pets are a very strong part of our home.
My friends are my mini home away from my actual home. My wonderful friends give me so much joy and happiness. I am so grateful to have them. They are the best friends anyone could have.
I think that all people deserve a home and people who care for them. When I see a homeless person asking for money, I always try to give them spare change. I feel bad for those people, so I entered this contest, which benefits those who need help. I would really like to help build homes for the less fortunate.
While the meaning of ‘home’ might be different to each and every person, we can all describe it as love, care, and joy. Everyone deserves that.