Grade 6



“Ring” I picked up the phone my mom said she’s been in a car crash. I was just on the couch crying the same as my sister, my mom said “it’s ok, I’m fine” and she said dads coming home. We got in my dad’s truck and went to where the accident happened. When we got there, I gave my mom a big hug and then we tried to find who the truck owner was. My mom was not hurt, she just had a sore back. I was so happy that she was not hurt.
One hour later I’m at school and I can’t stop thinking about the car crash. I just want to run out bawling but I don’t. I finally reach lunch and I still have that feeling looming over like a dark cloud and I just want to cry again. I feel so scared that this could happen again at any time. I almost call home because I want to cuddle with my mom. But, we have gym now and I’m thinking that will help me get over things. I am so happy when the day is over and I get to go home. I am relieved to see that my mom is ok and still here.
It’s a couple of days later and I feel great and all of that is behind me now. I’m now scared about how everything can change so fast without warning. I realize I am privileged to have a special place where I feel safe, my home. I would love to help the families that are less fortunate than me. I don’t know how to say thanks to my parents for everything. Not everyone can afford homes but thankfully my family can and I just want to say thanks to my family.