Grade 4

Victoria, bc
British Columbia


My home and family means everything to me.
I would feel sad if I did not have a home
to come back to after school.
I think about families who don’t have homes to call their own.
My home is where I can feel like myself.
I can express emotions and feel welcome.
I can be safe and not scared.
I can relax and not be uncomfortable.
My home is a beautiful place where I can have fun with my friends and family.
I can have dreams of becoming big in the real world like being a doctor.
At home I can have my space when I need it.
Home is a place where you can create memories and keep them in our hearts.
At home I learn lessons and remember them for next time.
I laugh and cheer when my family are near.
My family cheers me up when I am sad
and celebrate when things are great.
Home is a place to be blessed.
I’m grateful to have a roof for the rain and walls for the wind.
My home is a shelter that I’m safe in.
A home is a house for life.

By Abbey