Grade 4

Victoria, bc
British Columbia



Home is where I am not alone,
A quiet place where I can think and do what I love to do.
At home, I feel secure, capable and strong.
A place to just be me.
When I slip into bed at night I think of people who
don’t have a bed to sleep in,
or a home to keep them warm
on a stormy winter night and went to bed hungry.
When I see people on the streets I think about what life on the
street might be like.
I am lucky to have yummy food to eat and never go to bed hungry.
At home I am loved and cared for
At home I am noticed,
not invisible.
At home I have lots of memories – good and bad.
They’re memories and will stay with me forever.
At home I have special things.
Home is a place to share with friends and family.
A place to meet new people and bond with people you already know.
Home is a special place that I love.
I am lucky that I have a home.

By Addy