Grade 6



What’s home? Home isn’t just a house or an apartment. It is where you feel safe. There is no other place like home. All of the people and pets in your home can be trusted. Don’t forget to love them with all of your heart.
There are many reasons why home is so special to me. The first reason is there is no other feeling like snuggling in the bed with my dog, while my parakeets are singing songs. The second reason is when I make delicious treats for my whole family. The last reason is when I watch funny movies with my family. I love laughing!
I believe all people should have a loving and caring family. When you see a homeless person, you don’t see how lucky you are. Having a home is so amazing. If your house isn’t fancy or big, you are still very lucky to have one.
I wrote this essay because it really meant something to me. I know I have a small chance of winning but I will not stop hoping. With all of the money that will be given away, homeless people can stop hoping because they might get a true home!