Grade 4

Victoria, bc
British Columbia


By Izzy

Home is a place where I feel safe and know I’m not alone
My home is a cozy and comfortable place where I enjoy myself
I have fun and run all around with my brother and friends
It’s a place full of memories and love
I think about past birthdays and putting on fun plays
It makes me sad to see the people on the street with nothing to eat
Maybe they don’t have a home or place to sleep
Everyone should have a home to call their own
Everyone should have a house even if it’s as small as a mouse
When I come home after school my favorite place to go is the pool
Home is a wonderful place where I can do my own thing
in the inside it makes me feel like Spring
My water is so pure it makes me feel secure
Home is a place where I can dream
and eat yummy whipped cream
At my house I never feel alone
Everyone should have a home