Grade 4

Victoria, bc
British Columbia



When I am in my house, I feel safe, secure and good.

I have a little fish Ryder, my stuffies, lego and books that bring me joy.

My family loves to play board games, eat and watch tv together.

At the dining room table we ask each other how our days was,

But when I go out I sometimes see homeless people on the street.

It breaks my heart to see people that don’t have houses and families to share their lives with.

I asked my mom why they don’t have houses.

My mom said there is always a special reason for it.

When I come home I’m tired and sometimes I feel like going to bed.

I start thinking how other people don’t have homes

or are renting them for a high price and taking a lot of their money.

I feel lucky that I have a safe and comfortable home and a family.

I want everyone to have a home like mine full of love, comfort where no one has to be scared, alone or upset.

I feel sad that some people don’t have a home.

By Shekayah