Grade 6

British Columbia


What home is to me a roof over my head and a nice place to live. My home is a two story house so I have lots of room to play and other stuff also like I have lots of technology and stuff to entertain me with and some of the stuff I am talking about needs a house and WIFI and space and people that will help you. For a good home I think that you should have a room that you share or your own also you should have some space for entertainment or eating or sleeping and hanging out. A one story house is also ok because you can make a small space work easily. I know lots of people that have small homes and it’s ok as long as you’re happy and your family can live with it. Some one story houses are bigger on the inside then on the out and sometimes the basement of their house is used for a living space and other stuff.
Home is a place where you can feel comfortable and you can relax and spend time with family and friends and make all sorts of memories. But sometimes your house isn’t suiting your family or whoever lives there and they move where you can do all the same things but hopefully more fun because the house you moved to is maybe an improvement or a pace to stay for a while or 1 of 2 homes. At my home I have 2 brothers and we all have our own rooms on the top floor of our house so we don’t have to share rooms and there is also lots of space to play and other stuff.
I have space to change into nice clothes and get them washed at my house. I have a nice room and a heated house and a nice bed to sleep in. I have technology and TVs and nice bathrooms and water(heated too).
A home is a place you can feel comfortable. A home is to me a roof over my head and a nice place to live.