Grade 4

Victoria, bc
British Columbia


By Rovan
At home is where I’m comfy and safe
At home is where I feel secure

At home is where I’m warm and cared for
and where I see my friends and family

At home is where I’m creative
I draw and make things out of lego

At home is where I sleep
In my home is where I relax

Sometimes I wonder what it would be like
not to have a home
I feel everyone deserves a safe place to live

It must be difficult to live on the streets
And have to hope for food and money

Day after day after day
I figure it would be awful to not have a shelter above their head
to keep them warm, to keep them safe

When I see people on the streets it makes me feel sad
I feel everyone deserves to have a home
So I am always grateful that I have a home

A roof above my head
a shelter to keep me safe

Where I can sleep, where I can play
where I am loved and warm