Grade 4

Victoria, bc
British Columbia


By Elliot

Home is where I feel safe, where I feel secure.
Where I sleep, play and eat.
Home means so much to me.
My room in my home is where I like to spend most of my weekend. Where my stuffies all live in their big cardboard box.

Sometimes when I am downtown, or in our car, I see people out on
the street and I wonder how they feel. Do they feel sad, lonely, scared?
I wish everybody could have a home like mine.

My cabin on Galiano Island is like a second home to me.
It’s cozy, safe and warm.
To light our cabin at night, we bring solar powered lamps from our home in Victoria.
Winter in our cabin is cold, but my mom and dad start fires in the two little wood stoves.

My homes make me happy. They are places I feel relaxed and can be myself with my family.
I wish everybody could have a home and feel the same way as me.