Grade 4

Portage la Prairie


Home will always be my favourite place in the world. Home smells like my mom’s tasty shepherd’s pie. Looks like my family is making memories. Tastes like my mom’s smoothies. Sounds like my family caring for each other. Feels very calm and peaceful. When I feel sad my happy place is somewhere called home.

One of the only places that you feel comfortable being under the roof. I am lucky to have warm dinners every night and a cozy bed to sleep in. I will never forget what it is like to have a home. When you leave your home the little things are bigger than you ever would think they were.

Meant to be there. Your heart is always stored there. Home is a place where you feel happy, safe, and comfortable. ‘’Home sweet home’’ is like saying the home is somewhere you actually care about. You can see your house but the home comes from the heart.

Everyone who lives with you makes you feel loved even your pet. No home is perfect. It is just the people who live with you who make it home to you. Home is my happy place. Home is like sunshine on a rainy day. One of my favourite things about home is that you can have your own personal space.