Grade 4

Portage la Prairie


Home to me is not a place it’s the feeling of love, laughter, comfort and full of grace. My home might be made out of boards and beams but behind them it’s full of hopes and dreams. Home to me is the smell of my mom cooking dinner on the warm summer evenings as the beautiful sun goes down and the moon takes its place. Home to me is me in my bed reading long chapter books and thinking of the images in my head. Home to me is talking and laughing with my family and feeling safe and warm and like we belong. Home to me is like I can’t have that spark of love, comfort and joy anywhere else. My home is where I could feel free and be myself. Home to me is doing watercolors with my mom and letting the elegant colors flow as they shift themselves into what would become a beautiful, peaceful work of art. Home is where I can sit down and relax putting all of my worries behind me and use my senses to see, touch, hear and taste things without even opening one eye. Home to me is celebrating my cultural events as I put my Indian dress on for Diwali. Home to me is crafting all night long and sharing my work with others so they can feel the joyI feel while making them. Home is where you can feel your best and my home is famous for that!