Grade 6

British Columbia


What is home?
Home is your own space,
On a calm street or a noisy place.
Where you may gather,
With neighbours and friends,
Hoping times such as those will never end.
While they do,
Memories last,
Of Birthdays and Christmas and having a blast!
And when those memories start to fade,
Pictures of you and loved ones still hang.
But most of all,
When you look around you,
You’ll see,
Family and friends that agree.
Is truly the place to be.

It kills me inside to think,
Don’t get this treatment.
They aren’t woken up by their mother each morning,
Or welcomed inside when it is storming.
Nobody notices when they struggle,
But instead,
Notice their favourite actress in trouble!
And why is it like that?
I do not know.
But I do hope for everyone in the near future,
To have a place they can go,
And call,
Their own home.