Grade 5



Home is a place where I am loved.
Home is where you stay safe from the bad people.
Home is a wonderful place where hugs and kisses are.
My home is where I am welcome.
Home is where I sleep safely through the night.
When I get home from school my mom is waiting for me.
A home is where you express your feelings and don’t keep your inside.
Home is where I’m happy.

I’m thankful for my home because I have food on the table. I am happy and always have a smile on my face.
Home is meant to be a happy place, not a sad and lonely place.
My home is a loving place. We care for each other.

H-O-M-E is a place where feelings are shared.
H-O-M-E is safe and warm, but home is not perfect, but I’m still thankful for my home.
Someone out there does not have a home, so that is what Habitat for Humanity gives to people.