Grade 5




A home is a place where people feel safe. A place to hold memories and dreams. A place that you are accepted no matter your identity. A place where people help you and lift you up. It’s a place where everyone belongs, where you are loved and cared for. A place that you will always have in your heart. A home is a place where you won’t be judged or put down.

Laughter! In my home there is a lot of laughter as it is always the best medicine on a down day.

Love! In my home we care for one another by showing love and respect.

Fun! In my house we have so much fun whether it’s playing board games or just goofing around.

Sadness. In my house we embrace sadness. Sadness shows the reality of life.

I think everybody should have a place to go where they feel safe and can call it their home. They say “Home is where the heart is”. People all over will always love, show affection and create lasting memories that will be tied to the place they live. I hope that everyone can one day experience this wonderful feeling.