Grade 5




By: Kira

Home is…

A place where you can feel comfortable. A place where important people live. You can have fights. That’s normal. At school you can be surrounded by people but still be lonely. At home you can be all alone but still feel happy. A house is a building like any other. But a home is different. A home is warm. A home is cozy. A home is a place to be whoever you want to be. Even a supermodel in the shower. Sing your heart out. Even if your family thinks you’re weird. They still love you. 😀 Don’t bring bad things from school or work into the house because when one person is sad everyone is sad. Don’t be upset when you have an argument, “if I didn’t like you, you wouldn’t be worth fighting with.” – Jade, from Victorious. Even when you feel like everyone is against you, know that there is always someone in the world who loves you and that is usually your family. And your family is at home. A home can be anywhere, but it’s not about what home looks like. It’s about what it feels like. Again a house is a building, a home is a place where important people live.