Grade 6



I now live in Canada,
Far away from my birthplace.
Where there is a lot of dilemma,
I am Cinderella,
Grateful to be in a safe place.

Home is where your family lives.
What to call if the rest is not,
Home is where your heart is.
Don’t know if mine’s belongs or not…

Whether my siblings are at home or not,
I try to get candy but get caught.
It doesn’t really matter,
Instead I’ll help those who are in need.
Even if it means climbing up the highest ladder,
To team up and make the money grow like a seed.
To change someone’s life even a bit.

My parents always drink tea
They enjoy their time with a big smile.
In this home I feel safe and free,
Away from my other home in 6000 mile.

When I’m sad,
My baby sister’s smile makes me glad.
Home is where I can grow,
Let the air in my hair blow.
Here is where I can glow,
Even in a -20 below.

Home is where I can play,
No judging for my age.
Home is where I laugh and cry,
With friends on the same page!

Home means there is no fear,
Of learning at my own pace.
Home means I love my peer,
Not thinking about their race.

Happy to have a house and call it HOME,
A mom and dad and my siblings.
Homemade food, rooms to roam,
No complaints, counting my blessings.

Home is somewhere that makes me feel warm,
And write this poem for just a little change.
I don’t need my change.
It’s better to give,
To let people live.

And now you know that home means a lot to me.
To just drink your tea,
In peace and between real walls.

A little goodwill can make a change,
If we all create a team and help.
Even if someone lets out a yelp,
It’ll be for their rights and freedom.
I wrote this poem,
To raise money and make things right.
All for someone or a family to have something I have,
A home to stay warm and safe at night.