Grade 6




A house is somewhere where you have family gatherings and birthday parties. But a home is not just a house. Well it could be a house. A home is different for everyone. Some people think it is something that is in your mind and it goes wherever you go, other people think it is a place, person, and/or a thing. To me it is somewhere where you feel welcome, happy, and loved. It does not matter if it is a place or something in your mind. A home is somewhere full of memories. Every little thing has a story. A home could be lots of places or just one.

My home is my house. It has a lot of old memories and new ones yet to come. I feel welcome the first second I step in. It is somewhere where I feel warm and cozy and I just want to go to bed. This is my home because it is full of people and animals I love and want to be with.

My other home is a tree in the park. I remember climbing it when I was young and sitting there doing my homework. I have stories with my friends and family. It is somewhere where I feel relaxed. When I am there I feel like I am in a whole different world. And when it is the cold snowy winter it feels like the hot sunny summer. Sometimes when I am there it feels like I am floating in thin air.

Your home might be totally different then mine or maybe it has not come to you yet, but when you think you found it you will know for sure that it is your home.