Grade 6




What does home mean to me? Home should be where you feel safe, welcomed, and comfortable. Home is a place where you can relax and and let out all your feelings. Home does not have to be a place. It can be wherever your heart desires.

My home is with my family. I know my family will always have my back and they will help me no matter what. With my family I feel the most comfortable, welcome, and extremely safe.

My home is also at my house. My house offers protection. It carries all good or even bad memories in all places ven in the walls. Every dent and scratch has a story……… a memory. Good, bad, and maybe even embarrassing. Home is a place where you can go and get things off your shoulders. It’s a place where you can express all your feelings.

In conclusion, home is a place where you feel safe, comfortable, and welcomed. Home is where your good and/or bad memories are. Home is where you wake up on Christmas morning and find presents under your bright, shiny Christmas tree. Have you heard the saying, “HOME IS WHERE YOUR HEART IS,” well I believe that saying is very true. Where is your home?