Grade 6




When I think of home I don’t think of a place or an object. I think of a surrounding filled with memories. The memories can be happy, joyful, and loving but sometimes there can be memories that are sad and joyless.

Home is not a place where you feel uncomfortable or judged. Home is a place where you feel safe. It is where you feel free and you feel like no one is judging you and you can do anything. Home is where you can sing the loudest and not feel vertical or humiliated. It feels like you can do or
be anything!

Home to me is also where your loved ones. Where ever your loved ones are is your home. If you go back to a place without your loved ones you can see what is not there. You can see all the memories that your close ones have made. It feels incomplete without your loved ones.

When i hear ‘ What is home?” I don’t think of a place, but an area surrounded by loved ones, memories, and freedom. It is where you can dance the worst but not be humiliated. It is where your family is and where your loved ones are with you. Also it is where you can see the memories reenact in your head. To me home is where the heart is.