Grade 6




What is a home? Is a home a space with fancy decor, and lavish furnisher? Or is it a safe place with loving family and friends who surround you and support your every dream? Or is not a solid place more of a feeling.

The kind of fuzzy feeling when you see a newborn baby puppy with its mother. The kind of feeling when you drink a steaming cup of tea on a warm summer’s eve. The kind of feeling when you help out a friend in desperate need. The kind of wonderful feeling when you spend time with the people who care about you. The kind of feeling when you smile to brighten up someone’s day. The kind of feeling when you get up at dawn to start the day. The kind of feeling when your able to sleep at night without about what’s going to happen to you in the moonlight.

That’s why for me, home isn’t just a house with a roof on it’s head. It’s more of a feeling of security and joyfulness. A place where you can go to wash your worries away. Homes can come in many shapes and forms but they are all able to make you feel the same way.