Grade 5

Bright's Grove


H-O-M-E a very special place for me,
I sleep in a comfy bed each day,
And not in a pile of hay.
I’m grateful for my home,
And that I have family so I’m not alone.
A place where you clean the dust,
A home where you can talk to who you trust.
Love is spread in the air,
Home is where I say my prayers,
Home is my go-to place,
At home I get my own space.
Home is the first place I visited after the hospital,
And I would never get rid of my home, not at all.
I sing some songs in my room,
I also help my Mom by sweeping with the broom.
I get to tell my amazing reasons,
While I live in my home through the seasons.
A house is where you can stay warm,
And not in a bush with a swarm.
I wish that everybody could have a home,
And not have a conversation with a garden gnome.
I wish people did not live under a bridge in Detroit or on a street,
I wish that they could have people to meet,
People to welcome them into their home,
So that they’re never alone.
I’m glad that I have a family and a home,
But I’m mostly glad that I’m never alone.