Grade 5



What home means to me is… home is my safe place, sometimes my sad place but I’m glad because I don’t pay the home bills (yet).

My home is a nice and peaceful place. My house is not by a busy road or by a fire station – those places are so loud! I live in a nice peaceful neighborhood.

Home is where I’m comfortable to cry, talk about personal stuff, and to relax.
Home is where I can snuggle with my family, stay warm, and take nice warm showers.

Home is where memories, laughter, and happiness are formed. Home is where good feelings are made.

Home is where I feel safe no matter what.
All the memories are made here, all the laughs are laughed here – it’s all glued to me.

I love my house. It’s not too big and not too small. I can do everything I need to inside my house.

Houses help a lot if it rains and snows. The house will cover you. I think everyone deserves a house.

We should remember the people who don’t have houses. Some of them have to live in the cold weather, in the rain, snow, and in the wind sometimes without coats.
I hope this helps them.