Grade 6



My home harbors me from the relentless elements, the bitter cold, scorching heat and everything in between. My home cushions me from the stress, where I can sit down and feel safe to let my feelings out.
Coming home knowing that my family is there to greet me and ask how my day was, reassures me. Home is always the starting place for love, hopes and dreams. Laughter resonates around the halls.
Home is where we gather to say hello and goodbye, a place where you belong.
A place where you’re loved, a place where you love others around you. Life can take you to unexpected places but love will always bring you home. But sometimes things aren’t fair. Some people don’t have homes, which isn’t right. I feel like everyone
should have a happy loving home with its bumps along the way.
Home is where people should grow together, laugh together and love together.
Home is the comfiest place to be.