Grade 6




I feel sorry for people who don’t have homes. Everybody deserves to have a LOVING, SAFE, HEALTHY, COMFORTABLE and a SUPPORTIVE home. I can’t picture what it would be like for people who don’t have a home.

My home makes me feel LOVED because of my loving family. In my home I have a mom, dad and three sisters with me. I also have a dog. All of my family is caring and loving, they only want what’s best for me. Whenever I’m feeling down or nervous they always know what to say to me. My friends also make me feel loved and cheer me up everyday. Also, my home makes me feel SAFE. I feel safe because I know my parents and sisters are there to protect me no matter what. My dog also barks at everything he sees. I also have walls and a roof over my head. I feel HEALTHY at home because when I hurt myself my family is always there to help me. My parents always stay home with me when I’m sick , and they won’t leave until I’m better. I feel COMFORTABLE in my home because I have a warm bed when others don’t. I am very relaxed, I don’t have to worry about what I’m going to eat or where I’m going to sleep. I feel very SUPPORTED. My family always supports my decisions and never questions me. I always have a place where I am loved and I can count on my family to support me through hard times.

That is why I think that everybody deserves to have a place to call home. I’m always reminded of how grateful I am to have a LOVING, SAFE, HEALTHY, COMFORTABLE and a SUPPORTIVE home. Home is where your heart is.