Grade 5

Portage la Prairie



A lot of the time, I think “I can’t wait until I’m old enough to move away from this home!” But now, I think of all the things in my life that a lot of other families don’t have.
A lot of kids I know don’t have a Mom or Dad that is home or are there for them when they need love. They don’t get as much safety and security as I get from my family.

I have a dog that keeps everyone happy. I have brothers and sisters that care for me. There is no need to worry at home. Sometimes, my siblings make me mad and annoyed, but I will always love home, and family at any cause. Every day, I think of the wonderful chances I get, like being able to enter this contest, and help those in need! My home is a place bursting at the seams of peace, safety, love, and most importantly, family❣

I hope everyone will experience everything there is to having a happy home and family!