Grade 5

Portage la Prairie



Home is a place where you feel loved and have people to talk to about your problems. You can go home and be sad then but turn your frown upside down and be happy with siblings and parents. A place with no wars or arguments and there is peace. Where you won’t get bullied. You have door, locks and even a roof over your head. You live free and have no right or wrong answers about what you say or do. Home is a place to have fun and eat fresh food and eat yummy and fresh food too. Home is a place not to be mad but to be happy. At home you should have a cozy bed and a warm house. Your water will be clear and clean, not brown and gross. You won’t have to dig in the garbage for food, you just go look in the pantry or fridge and eat something with your family. A place to raise cats, dogs and other animals to feed or cuddle with. You can have friends over and cuddle with your parents. You will know what time it is so you can go to bed and get a good night’s sleep. Where you can play with your friends and family and not have to listen to people fighting on the streets. Not be on the streets during thunderstorms or snow storms or any type of storm and be cold or sweating. I feel like everyone should have a family to live with in a house. Home is a place where you can be safe with a family during a storm. I think everyone should have a home with a roof and a nice family that help you. That’s what home means to me. Everyone deserves a home. Thank you.