Grade 5

Nova Scotia


A home is a place you can live. Like literally. If there was a thunderstorm and you’re at home sitting on your sofa, looking out the window, saying, ”man. I am so lucky to be in a house. ”Your house can actually protect you from being stuck in the rain wishing you were in a house. Your home gives you comfort. You have a washroom where you can get some privacy so you can take a shower. You get to have a room where you can sleep and change .Maybe your house came with a backyard where you can get some vitamin D. If you think that your house isn’t perfect, then you’re probably missing the part that you have to be grateful for your home because not everybody has a place to live in, maybe some of their homes were destroyed. Lots of people who have lost their homes and got a new home are happy, and thankful. Some of them cry, but it doesn’t mean that they’re crying because they’re sad. It’s because there is a burst of joy inside of them. Since it is too much joy you start to cry. Oops. Maybe I got off track. Let’s go back to talking about homes. It must be uncomfortable to lose your home, because without a home, you don’t have anywhere to live. Just for you to know a home is great, a home gives you privacy, and the best home you could ever have is a home you love.