Grade 6




I feel bad for the people without a home. Personally I think that everyone needs a place to call home. Home means a lot of things, but to me it means safety, happiness, comfort and love. I can’t imagine how hard life would be without a home.

First, home makes me feel safe because I have walls around me and a roof over my head. My house is warm in the winter and it’s cool in the summer. My mom and dad are there to protect me. When I’m in my home I feel safe. Next, my home makes me feel happy. My dog is always there to greet me. My siblings are there to play with. All the good memories in my house make me happy. Also, home makes me feel comfortable. There is a couch to sit on and blankets to warm me up. There is always food in my belly. My bed is very comfortable. Finally, home makes me feel loved. My dog loves me and I love her. My family loves me too. My parents always love me when I’m feeling down.

That is why I think everyone should have a home. Everyone deserves to have a place to feel safe, happy, comfortable and love. I hope one day in the future everyone can have a home.