Grade 4



Home can be buildings,houses,condos and more. Home means to me that it is safe and it protects me. It keeps me in my comfort zone so no one can hurt me. It keeps our family safe so any danger that is happening outside won’t be able to come into our home. Home is what has the things we need in order to survive. Our home makes us feel happy. Our home has the things you might not be able to find somewhere else. Home is where we have the things that make us feel free like a bed helps us to sleep in a comfortable place. Home is what keeps us warm. Home is what protects us all. Home is what keeps us strong. Home is what makes us happy. Home is what makes us cozy and warm. When I go home I smell my mother cooking a lovely dish. I go home and take my bag off and wait to eat the lovely dish. I go to the table to eat the dish.It smells so good,I eat it so quickly. I go to the couch and relax, feeling so good about the tasty dish.So thankful about what god gave me. Having so much comfort, while others don’t have homes and asking for money. God makes us happy so we should be happy about what God gave us.