Grade 5

Nova Scotia


What does home mean to me? To me home is a form of shelter .It lets you be calm at all times .If you are homeless (I imagine)you are always worrying about stuff like “What if someone just comes and steals my stuff and runs away” or “Where will I use the bathroom. ”At home I feel comfortable and I can just relax. Home also is a place to sleep while being relaxed. If you are homeless anything can happen outside at anytime. Home also lets you store stuff which is very important ,for example :You want to go to the store so you put whatever stuff you have somewhere in your home and then you go to the store .But unfortunately if you are homeless you have nowhere to keep stuff safely.(Unless if you have a vault/safe or something)what I mean by safely is that in a house no one can just bash in and steal everything. Home is a place to also do stuff privately like use the bathroom or talk with your family privately .Home is such a valuable thing to have .If someone told me that my home was burnt down I would be lost for words because of how life changing that would be .Just take a moment to stop what you are doing and think about how lucky you are to have a home and be living in it. Also, take a moment and try to think about how homeless people live .I am the luckiest person in the world to have a home to live in and not have it taken away from me. akThe point of this whole essay is to just donate money to the unfortunate people and to also to possibly donate 30k to unfortunate people.