Grade 5



Home By: Maya Gakhal

I love home. Home means a lot of different things to many people. For me, home means three main things: family, love and safety.
For me home means family because they support and comfort you no matter what happens, either good or bad. After a rough day at
school, I can always count on my family to do whatever they can to make me feel better inside. This can be as simple as dancing to random

For me home means love because as soon as I walk into my home, I see my cute little brother who is smiling and waiting for my sister and I. This makes me feel loved and that makes me feel very good inside. Another way I always feel loved is at night when my family always gives me hugs and kisses which makes me feel very happy and content.

For me home means safety because in a home you want to feel safe. Without feeling safe in a home, you probably won’t go to sleep at night. At night I always know that I am safe because we have an alarm system at our home. Also, in my home we wash our hands, put hand sanitizer on and take showers to prevent us from getting sick and viruses.

For me these three things are important in a home. If I didn’t have a loving home, a safe place or a family that cares for me, I wouldn’t feel good inside.