Grade 6



Home is a very important thing to me and it makes me sad to think that people don’t have a place to call home. To me home means many things. Home makes me feel loved, comfortable, safe and full.

My home makes me feel loved because my family is there. My mom, dad, brother and sister are in my home to make me feel loved. My family makes me feel loved by giving me hugs and kisses and making me feel better when I’m sad. Also my home makes me feel comfortable because I have a warm cozy bed and a big cozy couch to relax on. My home also makes me feel safe because I have a roof over my head and warmth in the winter. My family also makes me feel safe by protecting me. I know that they would do anything to protect me. Lastly, my home makes me feel full. I always know that I will have a nice warm meal waiting for me at the table.

This is why I think everyone should have a loving, comfortable, safe and full home to live in.